Located just minutes from the I-5 and public transportation, Iron Flats residents can access the greater Seattle area with ease. Our neighborhood’s walkability gives our residents the convenience of city living, all with the feeling of being at home in the outdoors.


The Iron Flats is an ideal blend between urban and outdoor living. We are located within minutes of the University of Washington, Downtown Seattle, Google, and Tableau, and residents can easily get to Lake Union and Lake Washington. We’re also located just seconds from I-5 so you’ll have easy access to anything and everything you can think of within the city limits.


Person eats noodles from bowl at one of the Seattle small businesses located nearby.


Bol Test Kitchen and Bar is located just around the corner from Iron Flats. One of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the PNW, Bol offers lunch, dinner, craft cocktails, and one of the neighborhood’s best weekend brunches. In addition to regular dining service, Bol is currently offering delivery and takeout.

Woman on bike enjoying Green Lake bike trails located nearby Iron Flats apartments.


The heart of Green Lake Park is just a quick 12-minute walk from Iron Flats. With a 2.8-mile long biking and walking path, athletic fields and courts, picnic areas, lifeguarded swimming areas, and boat rentals, Green Lake is the ultimate outdoor recreation spot.

Enjoy local businesses including Eight Bells, one of Seattle’s top urban wineries.


Eight Bells is one of Seattle’s top urban wineries. With grapes sourced from Eastern Washington, Eight Bells offers two wine clubs (with discounts for members), alleyway pickup, and wine tastings on Saturdays (tastings are currently paused due to COVID).

Woman pours milk into latte cup at Broadcast Coffee near Iron Flats apartments.


One of Seattle’s hottest new coffee shops, Broadcast Coffee, is located just around the corner from Iron Flats. Named Seattle Unexplored’s “favorite modern coffee shop,” Broadcast serves locally roasted coffee and espresso, pastries, oatmeals, and yoghurts. Chief among its main attractions, however, is the ample working space for those days when you need to get away for a while, but still need to get some work done.


Iron Flats is inspired by the roots of the Roosevelt District itself. The neighborhood got its name from President Theodore Roosevelt, and Iron Flats got its name from his birthplace, the Flatiron District in NYC. Iron Flats takes inspiration from the architectural style and materials of the Flatiron Building with beautiful brick details and metalwork in the lobby.

Even though Teddy was born in the city, his passion for the outdoors was apparent throughout his life. In fact, he formed our National Forest system, paving the way for our National Parks system, which was established just a few years after his presidency. Teddy made conservation, and a life in connection with nature, a top priority, and so do we.

Our story celebrates this legacy and our passion for outdoor spaces. Whether we’re unwinding with a quick run, biking park trails for the day, dropping a blanket for a picnic, or kicking back with a good book, there’s something about being immersed in the outdoors that energizes us and puts us at ease. Here at Iron Flats, you can relax and unwind. Here, you can create your own serene living environment, tucked away in a friendly and vibrant neighborhood, and surrounded by green spaces. At Iron Flats, we invite you to let the outdoors in.